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Mary Hope Kramer

Is An Animal Science Degree Worth Pursuing?

By June 14, 2011

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I recently saw an item in The Daily Beast titled "20 Most Useless Degrees." While many of the degrees mentioned were not unexpected, I was surprised to see the last one included on the list--Animal Science. Full disclosure: hey, that's my degree!

The authors mention that the criterion for selecting the "most useless" degrees was focused on identifying majors with lower starting salaries and limited job growth expected over the next decade. The article quoted a median starting salary of $34,600 and a median mid-career salary of $62,100. It also stated that 80,756 students were awarded degrees in Animal Science from 2008-2009.

Obviously, most people who work in animal related fields are not just in it for the money. Those working in animal careers value having the opportunity to do something they love. Many other career paths offer greater financial rewards, but working with animals is often referred to as a "dream job."

The important thing is to consider what an Animal Science degree can do for you. It is a versatile degree that can lead to careers in veterinary medicine, biotechnology, education, agricultural sales, animal nutrition, meat & dairy production, or the equine industry. There are also a number of careers for which investing time and money in an Animal Science degree would not be necessary.

With a specific end goal in sight, an Animal Science degree may prove quite useful.

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