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Animal Careers - By Category

Getting the Job
If you’re ready to prepare a resume and search for a career with animals, this is the place to begin. Whether you have previous experience in the field or are just starting out, these articles will help you present yourself favorably to potential employers.

Animal Career Profiles
There are many careers that involve working with animals. The profiles in this section will help you learn about the duties, educational requirements, professional options, salaries, and job outlook for a variety of animal careers.

The Animal Industry
An understanding of the animal industry can be helpful to those seeking animal careers. These articles outline the history of the industry and explore current and expected trends.

Education and Training
Explore a variety of degree programs, internships, and certifications that will help advance your animal career.

Where to Work
This is the place to find information about categories of employers within the animal industry.

Explore salaries for a variety of animal related careers.

Professional Resources
Review the associations, trade shows, seminars, and continuing education options for a variety of animal careers.

Find definitions of terms related to animal careers.


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