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Getting the Job

If you’re ready to prepare a resume and search for a career with animals, this is the place to begin. Whether you have previous experience in the field or are just starting out, these articles will help you present yourself favorably to potential employers.
  1. Animal Career Cover Letters (5)
  2. Animal Job Search Sites (4)
  3. Starting an Animal Business (26)

Animal Career Networking
Networking is an important part of professional development.

Using a Recruiter
There are many reasons to consider using a recruiter during the job search process.

Summer Jobs with Animals
Students may find animal-related summer jobs with a number of employers.

8 Interview Mistakes to Avoid
Put your best foot forward during the interview process by avoiding these errors.

10 Animal Career Job Search Tips
Helpful tips for your job search.

New Grad Career Tips
Tips for newly minted graduates seeking their first professional position.

How to Get a Job at a Vet’s Office
Enhance your chances of landing a job at a vet clinic by focusing on a few key areas.

How to Get a Job in the Thoroughbred Industry
Tips for securing a position in the Thoroughbred industry

Sample Resumes
Sample resumes, including chronological, functional, and mini, as well as templates for resume writing.

Top 10 Resume Tips
Tips for creating an outstanding resume.

How to Get a Job at the Zoo
Zoo careers in high demand, but you can increase your chances of being hired by acquiring the proper education and experience.

How to Get a Job with Marine Animals
It is not easy to obtain a position working with marine animals, but with the right combination of education and hands on experience you can position yourself for success.

Social Media Networking
It is important to utilize social media networking when beginning a job search.

Outdated Resume Advice
Some resume tips have become outdated in today's career marketplace.

8 Career Change Tips
Follow these steps if you are interested in a new career.

How to Get an Animal Sales Job
Tips on finding a position in the animal sales industry.

New Grad Resume Tips
Tips for writing a first resume after graduation.

Quitting With Class
Tips on how to tactfully resign.

Writing for Animal Magazines: Publishing Markets

Agricultural Job Search Sites

30 Common Interview Questions
Review commonly asked questions.

New Grad Interview Tips
Tips for new graduates on how to handle the interview process.

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