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Animal Career Profiles

There are many careers that involve working with animals. The profiles in this section will help you learn about the duties, educational requirements, professional options, salaries, and job outlook for a variety of animal careers.
  1. Animal Health Careers (55)
  2. Breeding & Farming Careers (23)
  3. Canine Careers (12)
  4. Equine Careers (47)
  5. Other Animal Careers (25)
  6. Sales Careers (9)
  7. Wildlife Careers (31)

Animal Career List
Looking for an animal career? Here are many available options.

Animal Control Officer
Animal control officers enforce laws related to humane animal care.

Animal Scientist
Animal scientists work with domestic species in a variety of fields.

Animal Rescue Careers

Career Profiles
View animal career job descriptions, salary information, and educational requirements.

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