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Animal Career List


Animal Career List

Are you just getting started on an animal career search, changing from one career to another, or simply wondering what options might be out there for someone interested in working with animals? While your first thought may be the always popular field of veterinary medicine, there are many other careers with animals that may be of interest to you that are not in the veterinary category.

Here is an always evolving list of career possibilities for animal lovers, including veterinary careers, divided into categories. A few careers are listed in multiple categories.

Veterinary Careers

Veterinarians can choose to work in general practice, to specialize in working with a particular species or related group of animals (i.e. large animals, small animals, equine), or pursue board certification in a veterinary specialty (such as dermatology, anesthesiology, or pathology to name a few specialist paths).

Animal Welfare Veterinarian
Aquatic Veterinarian
Avian Veterinarian
Bovine Veterinarian
Emergency & Critical Care Veterinarian
Equine Veterinarian
Feline Veterinarian
Small Animal Veterinarian
Large Animal Veterinarian
Mixed Practice Veterinarian
Wildlife Veterinarian
Veterinary Acupuncturist
Veterinary Anesthesiologist
Veterinary Dermatologist
Veterinary Epidemiologist
Veterinary Microbiologist
Veterinary Nutritionist
Veterinary Opthalmologist
Veterinary Pathologist
Veterinary Pharmacologist
Veterinary Radiologist
Veterinary Surgeon
Veterinary Theriogenologist
Veterinary Toxicologist

Veterinary Support Staff Careers

Veterinary technicians can assist veterinarians in a variety of areas (i.e. equine or small animal practice). They may also pursue specialty certification (in areas such as surgery, emergency and critical care, etc) after gaining several years of practical experience and taking a comprehensive exam to achieve accreditation.

Veterinary Technician
Clinical Practice Veterinary Technician
Clinical Pathology Veterinary Technician
Emergency & Critical Care Veterinary Technician
Equine Veterinary Technician
Internal Medicine Veterinary Technician
Veterinary Behavior Technician
Veterinary Dental Technician
Veterinary Nutrition Technician
Veterinary Surgical Technician
Veterinary Technician Anesthetist
Zoo Veterinary Technician

Other Animal Health Careers

There are many careers (not directly related to careers in veterinary medicine) that are concerned with maintaining the health and well being of animal species. These career paths range from advising on behavioral or nutritional topics to hands on careers such as massage therapy and animal care.

Animal Behaviorist
Animal Care Specialist
Animal Geneticist
Animal Massage Therapist
Animal Nutritionist
Animal Scientist
Artificial Insemination Technician
Lab Animal Technician

Breeding & Farming Careers

Breeding and farming careers are primarily concerned with livestock animal care and production. Agricultural extension agents are also grouped in this category, as they advise and educate animal producers and farmers as a part of their regular duties.

Agricultural Extension Agent
Animal Breeder
Animal Health Inspector
Egg Farmer
Horse Breeder
Livestock Auctioneer
Livestock Educator
Livestock Judge
Meat Inspector
Poultry Farmer
Sheep Farmer
Swine Farmer

Careers with Birds
Exotic Bird Breeder
Poultry Farmer
Egg Farmer

Careers with Cattle
Beef Cattle Farmer
Dairy Farmer

Careers with Dogs and Cats
Animal Control Officer
Animal Cruelty Investigator
Animal Shelter Manager
Detection Dog Handler
Dog Breeder
Dog Groomer
Dog Show Handler
Dog Trainer
Dog Walker
Doggie Day Care Owner
Humane Educator
Kennel Manager
K-9 Police Officer
Pet Adoption Counselor
Pet Bakery Owner
Pet Boutique Owner
Pet Sitter
Mobile Dog Groomer
Pooper Scooper Business Owner

Careers with Horses
Barn Manager
Bloodstock Agent
Broodmare Manager
Dude Ranch Wrangler
Equine Dental Technician
Equine Extension Agent
Equine Pedigree Analyst
Equine Veterinarian
Equine Veterinary Technician
Exercise Rider
Farm Manager
Foaling Attendant
Horse Identifier
Horse Show Judge
Horse Trainer
Horsemen's Bookkeeper
Hot Walker
Jockey Agent
Jockey Valet
Mounted Police Officer
Racehorse Trainer
Racetrack Outrider
Racetrack Starter
Racing Secretary
Racing Steward
Riding Instructor
Stallion Booking Secretary
Stallion Manager
Tack Shop Owner
Yearling Manager

Careers with Marine Animals
Aquaculture Farmer
Marine Biologist
Marine Mammalogist
Marine Mammal Trainer

Careers with Reptiles
Reptile Breeder

Sales Careers

There are many sales and marketing related careers that involve animals to some degree. While a career in veterinary pharmaceutical sales may be the first animal related sales career you think of, there are certainly several other options to choose from. These additional options include career paths such as insurance sales, livestock feed sales, and a variety of jobs related to pet product sales.

Equine Insurance Agent
Equine Product Sales Representative
Livestock Feed Sales Representative
Pet Food Sales Representative
Pet Product Sales Manager
Pet Product Sales Representative
Pet Insurance Agent
Veterinary Pharmaceutical Sales Representative


Wildlife Careers

Wildlife careers can involve a wide variety of native or exotic species. Zoo careers, fish and game management careers, biology related careers, and wildlife rehabilitation careers are just a few of the available options for those interested in having a career with wildlife.

Aquatic Veterinarian
Fish and Game Warden
Marine Mammalogist
Wildlife Biologist
Wildlife Manager
Wildlife Forensic Scientist
Wildlife Inspector
Wildlife Rehabilitator
Wildlife Technician
Wildlife Veterinarian
Zoo Commissary Keeper
Zoo Curator
Zoo Development Director
Zoo Director
Zoo Educator
Zoo Habitat Designer
Zoo Keeper
Zoo Registrar
Zoo Veterinary Technician

Other Animal Careers

Some animal careers don’t quite fit any of the categories mentioned above. These careers combine an interest in animals with work in law, training, photography, painting, or writing.

Animal Editor
Animal Career Recruiter
Animal Lawyer
Animal Photographer
Animal Science Professor
Grant Writer
Movie Animal Trainer
Pet Portrait Artist
Pet Writer

Animal Internships

If you have the chance before beginning a serious job search, also be sure to pursue an animal related internship opportunity or two. There are options available in a number of fields and they can really enhance your resume by providing evidence of direct, hands on experience. Hands on experience is particularly valued in the animal industry.

Animal Behavior Internships
Animal Nutrition Internships
Avian Internships
Beef Internships
Canine Internships
Dairy Internships
Equine Internships
Livestock Appraiser
Marine Animal Internships
Pre-Veterinary Internships
Reptile Internships
Veterinary Pharmaceutical Sales Internships
Wildlife Rehabilitation Internships
Zoo Internships

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