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Explore salaries for a variety of animal related careers.

Top Paying Wildlife Careers
There are several high paying career options in wildlife related fields.

Zoo Careers and Salaries
What can you do at the zoo? Explore possible zoo career options and salary rates.

Salary: What Vets Make
What Vets Make Vet Salary Vet Earnings

Salary Requirements
Disclosing Salary Requirements and Salary History

PayScale Salary Report
Research salary for a wide variety of jobs across the U.S.

Salary.com Reports
Research a wide variety of careers using the free Salary Wizard.

Salary Negotiation Strategies
Learn how to conduct salary negotiations for a new job or your current position.

Top Paying Equine Careers
Some equine careers offer a high salary.

Top Paying Animal Careers
There are several animal careers offering an average salary in excess of $50,000 per year.

Compensation: Hourly vs. Salary
There are advantages and disadvantages to either form of compensation.

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