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Equine Careers

There are a wide variety of careers in the equine industry relating to horse health care, training, breeding, and competition.

Track Veterinarian
Track veterinarians ensure racehorses are fit for competition.

Paddock Judge
Paddock judges supervise the paddock area and ensure that horses are wearing the correct racing equipment.

Clerk of Scales
The clerk of scales is responsible for weighing jockeys, reporting program changes, and supervising the jockey's room.

Jockey Valet
Jockey valets assist jockeys with race day preparations.

Horsemens Bookkeeper
Horsemen’s bookkeepers manage accounts and distribute purse payouts at racetracks.

Racetrack Outrider
Racetrack outriders ensure the safety of riders and horses during racing and training.

Racing License Clerk
Racing license clerks oversee the licensing process for participants in the horse racing industry.

Equine Career List
There are many options for employment in the horse industry.

Horse Show Judge
Horse show judges rank horses and riders in competitive events.

Equine Product Sales Rep
Equine product sales representatives market horse-related products, feed, and equipment to retailers.

Racetrack Starter
Racetrack starters supervise the loading of horses into the starting gate for training or racing purposes.

Yearling Manager
Yearling managers oversee the care of young horses.

Equine Extension Agent
Equine extension agents educate horse owners and producers about equine management and new industry innovations.

Horse Racing Careers
A look at several popular career options in the horse racing industry.

Jockey Agent
Jockey agents secure mounts for the jockeys that they represent.

Foaling Attendant
Foaling attendants assist broodmares during the foaling process.

Horse Trainer
Horse trainers teach horses to perform desired behaviors based on a rider's cues.

Dude Ranch Wrangler
Dude ranch wranglers guide guests on trail rides and provide care for a ranch's horses.

Stallion Booking Secretary
Stallion booking secretaries manage the breeding schedules for the stallions at their facility.

How to Start an Equine Transport Business
Equine transportation services ship horses from one place to another.

Mounted Police Officer
Mounted police officers use their law enforcement and horsemanship skills to ensure public safety.

Racehorse Trainer
Racehorse trainers are responsible for the care and conditioning of the equine athletes under their supervision.

Bloodstock Agent
A bloodstock agent buys and sells horses on behalf of clients in the Thoroughbred racing industry.

Equine Dental Technician
Equine dental technicians provide exams and care to maintain horse health.

Jockeys are a vital part of the horse racing industry, and skilled riders have the opportunity to earn great rewards in major stakes events.

Riding Instructor
Riding instructors provide coaching to their students in a wide variety of equestrian disciplines.

Learn more about the education and experience required to become a farrier.

Job Profile: Broodmare Manager
The duties and qualifications of a broodmare manager

Barn Manager
Barn managers oversee equine care and manage stable employees.

Exercise Rider
Exercise riders guide racehorses through their morning workouts.

Horse Groom
Horse grooms provide comprehensive equine care.

Equine Veterinary Technician
Equine veterinary technicians provide assistance to veterinarians that work with horses.

15 Careers with Horses
There are quite a few career paths in the equine industry.

Equine Veterinarian
Equine veterinarians are responsible for maintaining the health of horses under their care.

Stallion Manager
Stallion managers are responsible for supervising the stallions under their care.

Equine Job Search Sites
There are several job search sites that cater to equine career seekers.

Horse Farm Manager
A horse farm manager oversees an entire equine operation.

How to Start a Horse Boarding Business
Boarding stables are popular equine businesses.

How to Start a Riding Stable
A riding stable can be a profitable venture.

Racing Steward
Racing stewards enforce the regulations that apply to participants in horse racing.

Racing Secretary
A racing secretary writes the condition book and oversees entries at the track.

Hot Walker
Hot walkers hand-walk racehorses to cool them out after races or workouts.

Equine Pedigree Analyst
Equine pedigree analysts suggest breedings for horses owned by their clients.

Horse Identifier
Horse identifiers verify and guarantee the identity of each horse entered in a race.

Harness Driver
Harness drivers compete in Standardbred racing events.

Equine Breeding Careers
There are many equine breeding industry career paths for those interested in working on horse farms.

Therapeutic Riding Instructor
Therapeutic riding instructors use equine therapy to benefit students with physical or cognitive disabilities.

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