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Other Animal Careers

There are a variety of animal careers related to writing, art, television, advertising, and more.

Animal Care Specialist
Animal care specialists are soldiers who provide health care for miliary animals.

Humane Educator
Humane educators provide lectures and demonstrations that promote humane interactions between animals and people.

Animal Shelter Manager
Animal shelter managers are responsible for overseeing the operations of the animal shelter facility.

Animal Career Recruiter
Animal career recruiters locate desirable candidates for animal related job openings.

Animal Law Enforcement Careers
There are quite a few options for those interested in animal law enforcement careers.

Animal Training Careers
There are many options for those interested in animal training careers.

Animal Editor
Animal editors review animal-related articles and manuscripts for publication.

Grant Writer
Grant writers seek funding for programs at animal shelters, zoos, or other animal related organizations.

Pet Portrait Artist
Pet portrait artists are commissioned by owners to paint images of their pets.

Pet Writer
Writing about pets can be a full time or part time career for those with animal experience and solid writing skills.

Lab Animal Technician
Lab animal technicians perform research on animals in a laboratory setting.

Animal Photographer
Animal photographers capture images of a variety of species.

Pet Adoption Counselor
Pet adoption counselors connect potential adopters with shelter pets.

Animal Lawyer
Animal lawyers handle legal matters concerned with animal welfare.

Movie Animal Trainer
Movie animal trainers handle and train animals used in the entertainment industry.

Pet Sitter
Pet sitters care for animals while their owners travel.

Meat Inspector
Meat inspectors ensure that meat production facilities operate in accordance with strict food safety standards.

Animal Science Professor
Animal science professors teach postsecondary courses in animal management.

Zoo Director
Zoo directors oversee operations for the entire zoo facility.

Livestock Educator
Livestock educators provide information to farmers, breeders, and members of the community.

Animal Cruelty Investigator
Animal cruelty investigators look into reports of animal cruelty and enforce laws related to such cases.

Pet Store Manager
Pet store managers oversee all aspects of running a retail pet store.

Animal Assisted Therapist
Animal assisted therapists integrate animal contact into treatment plans for their clients.

Wildlife Photographer
Wildlife photographers capture images of wildlife for commercial or artistic use.

Pet Store Associate
Pet store associates assist customers with the purchase of pets and pet supplies.

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