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Professional Resources

Review the associations, trade shows, seminars, and continuing education options for a variety of animal careers.

Pet Industry Organizations
There are many pet industry organizations that may be of interest to those pursuing related career paths.

Veterinary Organizations
There are a variety of organizations that may be of interest veterinary professionals.

Equine Organizations
There are many equine organizations and associations that may be of interest to those working in the industry.

Zoo Organizations
There are many zoo organizations that may be of interest to professionals in the industry.

Canine Organizations
Canine professionals may seek professional membership with a number of industry groups.

Feline Organizations
There are many professional groups that may be of interest to those in the feline industry.

American Society of Animal Science
A go-to site for Animal Science students and graduates

American Veterinary Medical Association
The AVMA is the authority on all things related to veterinary medicine.

British Society of Animal Science
The UK's source of Animal Science information

National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America
An organization that encourages techs, assistants, and students to join

National Association of Professional Pet Sitters
A membership organization for those in the pet sitting business

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