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Animal Careers: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Wildlife Veterinarian: A Career Profile
Wildlife veterinarians treat a variety of wildlife species.
Top Paying Animal Careers with Salaries Over...
There are several animal careers offering an average salary in excess of $50,000 per year.
15 Great Careers with Horses
There are quite a few career paths in the equine industry.
List of Careers for Animal Lovers
Looking for an animal career? Here are many available options.
Large Animal Vet - Animal Health Careers
Large animal vets treat a variety of livestock species.
Aquatic Veterinarian
Aquatic veterinarians provide health care for marine species.
Small Animal Veterinarian - Animal Health Careers
Small animal veterinarians diagnose and treat a variety of animals kept as pets.
Zoologist Career Profile
Zoologists study a variety of wildlife species.
7 Most Popular Marine Animal Careers
There are several career options for those interested in working with marine life.
How to Find a Pre-Veterinary Internship
Pre-veterinary internships help aspiring vets gain vauable hands-on experience.
8 Popular Animal-Related Degrees
There are many college degree programs that lead to careers in the animal industry.
Equine Veterinarian Career Profile
Equine veterinarians are responsible for maintaining the health of horses under their care.
Top Paying Equine Careers
Some equine careers offer a high salary.
Top Wildlife Careers Over \$50,000
There are several high paying career options in wildlife related fields.
Job Description for Wildlife Rehabilitator
Wildlife rehabilitators provide treatment and care to injured native species until they are healthy enough to be released.
What It's Like to Be a Wildlife Biologist
Wildlife biologists study a variety of animals in their natural habitats.
7 Things to Consider for a Doggie Day Care...
Learn how to start your own doggie day care business.
8 Highest Paying Zoo Careers
What can you do at the zoo? Explore possible zoo career options and salary rates.
7 Top Paying Animal Health Careers
There are many high salary career options in the animal health field.
How to Start Your Own Dog Grooming Business
Dog grooming salons are among the most popular pet service businesses.
10 Best Reasons to Become a Vet
There are many good reasons to pursue a career in veterinary medicine.
Zoo Veterinary Technican
Zoo vet techs are specially certified to assist veterinarians that work with exotic species.
Aquarist - Career Profile
An aquarist cares for marine animals kept in aquariums.
How to Start Your Own Animal Rescue
Starting an animal rescue can be a challenging and rewarding endeavor.
Equine Veterinary Technician
Equine veterinary technicians provide assistance to veterinarians that work with horses.
25 Best Careers with Horses
Take a look at 25 popular career paths in the equine industry.
Top Tips for Getting a Job at a Vet’s...
Enhance your chances of landing a job at a vet clinic by focusing on a few key areas.
Everything You Need to Know About Animal...
Animal massage therapists are animal health professionals that use their knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and massage techniques to improve an animal’s physical well being.
Equine Career List
There are many career options in the horse industry.
Zoo Veterinarian - Veterinary Specialist
Zoo vets provide treatment for wildlife species that are traditionally exhibited in zoos.
How to Start a Dog Boarding Business
A dog boarding kennel can be a profitable pet service business.
5 Things You Should Know About Animal...
Animal nutritionists use a strong background in the sciences to provide nutritionally balanced diets for a variety of domestic and exotic animals.
Animal Careers: What is an Ichthyologist?
Ichthyologists are marine scientists who study fish.
15 Careers with Wildlife
There are many career options for those interested in working with wildlife species.
Animal Control Officer Career Profile
Animal control officers enforce laws related to humane animal care.
4 Things About Veterinary Pharmaceutical Sales...
A career in veterinary pharmaceutical sales is an excellent option for those who have strong interpersonal skills combined with a love of animals.
Veterinary Surgeon - Vet Specialist
Veterinary surgeons are board certified to perform advance general or orthopedic surgical procedures.
5 Things You Should Consider About Animal...
Animal assisted therapists integrate animal contact into treatment plans for their clients.
Zoo Curator
Zoo curators supervise employees and manage the zoo's collection of animals.
6 Steps to Start a Mobile Dog Grooming Salon
Mobile dog grooming salons offer convenient grooming services to pet owners.
Marine Biologist - A Marine Animal Career Path
Marine biologists study a wide variety of aquatic organisms, from microscopic plankton to massive whales.
How Much Does a Veterinarian Make?
Veterinarian salaries can vary by type of practice and years of experience.
Animal Geneticist
Animal geneticists study genes and heritability in animal populations.
7 Steps to Start a Career Business
A pet sitting business is a great way to enter the animal industry. As owner of the business you are free to set your own schedule, define your service area, and expand your business to include additional options for clients.
Career Overview of Artificial Insemination...
Artificial insemination technicians assist with livestock breeding.
Could You Be a Marine Mammalogist?
Marine mammalogists are marine biologists that focus on the study of marine mammals.
Herpetologist - Reptile Career Path
Herpetologists are scientists interested in the study of reptiles and amphibians.
Career Profile of a Zoo Keeper
Learn about the experience and education required to become a zoo keeper.
Animal Shelter Manager
Animal shelter managers are responsible for overseeing the operations of the animal shelter facility.
Animal Behavior Internships
There are many internships available for those seeking a career in animal behavior, animal welfare, or a related area.
What Does a Veterinarian Do?
Veterinarians provide comprehensive medical care for a variety of animal species.
5 Things You Should Know About Veterinary...
Veterinary surgical technicians assist with pre-operative preparations, surgical procedures, and post-operative care.
Mixed Practice Veterinarian
Mixed practice veterinarians treat both large and small animals.
What You Should Know About Being a Marine...
Marine mammal trainers are responsible for training marine species to perform specific behaviors.
Dog Trainer - A Canine Career
Dog trainers assist with behavioral modification and obedience training.
Canine Rehabilitation Therapist
Canine rehabilitation therapists work to increase a dog's mobility and minimize pain.
How to Become an Animal Behaviorist
Animal behaviorists study how animals interact with each other and their environment. They may also provide training and other solutions to behavioral problems.
Animal Rescue Careers
There are a variety of animal rescue and welfare career paths.
K-9 Police Officer Career
K-9 law enforcement officials maintain order and pursue offenders with their canine partners.
Veterinary Technician - Animal Health Careers
A veterinary technician is a licensed professional trained to assist veterinarians.
Animal Scientist
Animal scientists work with domestic species in a variety of fields.
Veterinary Radiologist - A Vet Specialty
Veterinary radiologists interpret diagnostic scans taken via MRI, CT, ultrasound, or radiograph.
How to Get a Job with Marine Animals
There are several ways to improve your odds of working with marine animals.
4 Best Tips to Get a Zoo Job
Zoo careers in high demand, but you can increase your chances of being hired by acquiring the proper education and experience.
Wildlife Rehabilitation Internships
Wildlife rehabilitation internships provide training in critical care, animal husbandry, and handling techniques.
Veterinary Dermatologist
Veterinary dermatologists treat skin diseases in a variety of animal species.
Equine Internships
Equine industry internships are available in areas such as management, veterinary care, rehabilitation, and publishing.
Essential Tips for Animal Assisted Therapy...
There are many certification programs for animal assisted therapy.
Horse Racing Careers
Take a look at several popular career options in the horse racing industry.
Veterinary Pharmaceutical Sales Internships
Veterinary pharmaceutical sales internships help prepare job seekers for careers in the field.
Veterinary Pharmacist - Animal Health Careers
Veterinary pharmacists compound and dispense medications intended for use in animals.
6 Career Facts About Pet Adoption Counselors
Pet adoption counselors connect potential adopters with shelter pets.
A Career as a Beef Cattle Farmer
Beef cattle farmers raise cattle as part of the beef production industry.
How to Get Accepted to Vet School
Getting accepted to vet school isn't easy, but you can improve your odds by achieving good grades and carefully preparing your application package.
Pig Farmer
Pig farmers raise pigs and hogs as part of the pork production industry.
Wildlife Manager Career Profile
Wildlife managers oversee wildlife management and conservation in a territory.
Animal Science Degree
Learn about the coursework required for a degree in animal science.
Career Options in Veterinary Clinics
There are several career paths available to those interested in working at a veterinary office, and most of these options do not involve pursuing a veterinary degree.
Veterinary Specialists- Salary and Compensation
Board certified veterinarians earn much higher salaries than DVM only practitioners.
Learn more about the education and experience required to become a farrier.
Kennel Manager
A kennel manager is responsible for the daily care of the dogs boarded at their kennel.
Zoo Director - A Wildlife Career Path
Zoo directors oversee operations for the entire zoo facility.
Veterinary Ophthalmologist - Vet Specialist
Veterinary ophthalmologists are vets with advanced training in eye care and surgery.
7 Best Tips to Start a Pet Taxi Service
Pet taxi services coordinate the transportation of pets to grooming or vet appointments.
Veterinary Nutritionist
Veterinary nutritionists are board certified practitioners of nutritional medicine.
Dairy Farmer
Dairy farmers manage cows involved in milk production.
Horse Groom - An Equine Career
Horse grooms provide comprehensive equine care.
Pet Product Sales Rep
Pet product sales reps use knowledge of the animal industry and sales techniques to effectively market their products.
Veterinary Anesthesiologist
Veterinary anesthesiologists are specially certified to sedate animals for medical treatment.
Veterinary Pathologist - A Veterinary Specialty
Veterinary pathologists are specialists who examine animal tissue and fluid samples to diagnose diseases.
Marine Animal Internships
Marine animal internships prepare students and recent graduates for careers in marine mammal training, marine biology, and other areas of marine science.
How to Start a Horse Boarding Business
Boarding stables are popular equine businesses.
Barn Manager Career Profile
Barn managers oversee equine care and manage stable employees.
What You Should Include in Cover Letters for...
View example cover letters for both experienced vet techs and recent graduates.
Equine Dental Technician
Equine dental technicians provide exams and care to maintain horse health.
Top 10 Reasons to Become a Dog Groomer
There are many good reasons to consider a dog grooming career.
Tips for Starting a Pet Boutique
Pet boutiques provide high quality pet products to consumers.
Dog Breeder
Dog breeders produce puppies for show or companionship.
Job Description for Horse Farm Managers
A horse farm manager oversees an entire equine operation.
Dog Groomer - Career Profile
Learn about the skills required and job outlook for working as a dog groomer.
Vet Tech Anesthetist
Veterinary technician anesthetists assist veterinarians with the administration of anesthesia for surgical procedures.
Racehorse Trainer
Racehorse trainers are responsible for the care and conditioning of the equine athletes under their supervision.
Best Places for Zoo Internship Opportunities
Zoo internships give students valuable hands-on experience working with exotic animals.
How to Start an Equine Transport Business
Equine transportation services ship horses from one place to another.
8 Great Careers with Livestock
There are many different career paths in the livestock industry.
Wildlife Forensic Scientist
Wildlife forensic scientists analyze samples collected as evidence.
Livestock Feed Sales Representative
Livestock feed sales representatives sell feed and related products to a variety of vendors in the animal industry.
Wildlife Technician Career Profile
Wildlife technicians assist with wildlife management and habitat preservation.
Exercise Rider
Exercise riders guide racehorses through their morning workouts.
How You Can Start a Dog Training Business
A dog training business can be a profitable way to enter the rapidly expanding pet service industry.
Top 10 Safety Tips for Working with Animals
Minimize your risk of injury while working with animals with these 10 safety tips.
6 Things You Need to Consider for a Pet Bakery...
As demand for all natural, preservative free pet treats increases, gourmet pet bakery businesses are springing up to fill an important niche in the pet industry.
Top 10 Reasons to Become a Vet Tech
There are many good reasons to consider a career as a veterinary technician.
Sheep Farmer
Sheep farmers raise sheep as a part of the meat and wool production industries.
Animal Science School List
There are many schools that offer a degree in Animal Science.
Can You Start a Dog Walking Business?
A dog walking business can be a profitable pet venture with a low start up cost.
5 Things You Need to Know About Lab Animal...
Lab animal technicians perform research on animals in a laboratory setting.
Kennel Attendant
Kennel attendants care for dogs in boarding facilities.
Emergency Vet Tech Profile
Emergency and critical care vet techs assist with treating emergency injuries and provide skilled supportive care.
Best Vet Related Job Search Sites
There are many job search sites for veterinary related employment opportunities.
How to Start a Therapeutic Riding Program
Therapeutic riding programs provide equine-based therapy to students facing physical, mental, or emotional challenges.
7 Myths about Veterinary Careers
Take a look at the most commonly held misconceptions about veterinary careers.
Pet Sitter
Pet sitters care for animals while their owners travel.
Emergency and Critical Care Veterinarian
Emergency and critical care veterinarians are board certified to practice emergency medicine.
Feline Veterinarian Career Profile
Feline veterinarians focus on providing veterinary care to cats.
Animal Cruelty Investigator
Animal cruelty investigators look into reports of animal cruelty and enforce laws related to such cases.
Would You Like to Be a Movie Animal Trainer?
Movie animal trainers handle and train animals used in the entertainment industry.
Mounted Police Officer - Career Profile
Mounted police officers use their law enforcement and horsemanship skills to ensure public safety.
Horse Trainer
Horse trainers teach horses to perform desired behaviors based on a rider's cues.
Agricultural Extension Agent
Agricultural extension agents educate farmers and producers about innovations in the field.
Wildlife Rehab: Certification and Training
Wildlife rehabilitators can benefit from a variety of certification, training, and internship opportunities.
All About Zoo Habitat Designers
Zoo habitat designers plan and construct animal exhibits.
Animal Photographer
Animal photographers capture images of a variety of species.
Avian Veterinarian Career Profile
Avian veterinarians treat companion birds and farm-raised poultry.
Dog Walker
Dog walkers provide daily exercise for pets.
How to Start a Pet Food Bank
Pet food banks help owners provide food for their animals in times of financial difficulty.
Zoology Degree
Learn about the coursework required for a degree in zoology.
Riding Instructor
Riding instructors provide coaching to their students in a wide variety of equestrian disciplines.
Reptile Breeder
Reptile breeders offer snakes, turtles, lizards, and other reptiles for sale as pets and breeding stock.
Zoo Educator
Zoo educators provide information on wildlife topics to zoo visitors.
Animal Businesses with Low Start Up Costs
Starting an animal business doesn't have to be expensive; many options have low start up costs.
Livestock Insurance Agent Profile
Livestock insurance agents offer insurance coverage options to livestock producers.
Horse Breeder
Horse breeders produce and market the offspring of their bloodstock.
Reptile Internships
Reptile internships are a great way for aspiring herpetologists and zoo keepers to gain hands on experience.
Veterinary Specialists
The AVMA recognizes a number of specialty certifications for veterinarians.
Equine Insurance Agent
Equine insurance agents sell mortality, major medical, and other equine insurance policies to horse owners.
Poultry Farmer
Poultry farmers raise chickens and other fowl for meat production.
Zoo Nutritionist
Zoo nutritionists provide comprehensive nutritional management for animals kept in zoos.
Clinical Pathology Veterinary Technician
Clinical pathology veterinary technicians are trained to evaluate animal blood or urine samples in a laboratory setting.
Pet Store Manager Career Profile
Pet store managers oversee all aspects of running a retail pet store.

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